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The important aspect for the care of a premature baby is positioning. It is essential that you always promote flexion, physiologically.

Infection with the Nipah (NiV) virus has recently stormed the entire nation and continues to do so. He claimed more than two dozen lives in India and new cases are identified.

Many times, due to various external and internal factors, errors occur. Miscarriages have profound psychological effects on a woman since they are associated with loss of life.

Sculptra is an FDA approved injectable product that has been designed to reduce sagging, depressed cheeks and to fill wrinkles.

Shades N Servings is a travel and food blog. It's about what I see and what I eat. If you are a foodie and love to travel, read my blog to know the best places to eat and travel across the world.
9 Reasons Why a Passport Can Be Denied In India Each one of us aspires to travel outside our native country for a leisure trip or business travel or for pursuing higher education. As you might be aware, a passport is an essential requirement to travel outside the country Passport indicates the nationality or the citizenship of an individual and more importantly, it authorizes the citizen to go ou
Seeking change in date of birth in the existing passport?If yes, you have come to the right place! The Global Helpdesk gives you an insight on how to change the date of birth in Indian passport legally.
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